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What to look for when booking a face painter...

I am OBSESSED with face painting, I’m on every face painting group, I subscribe to face painting channels, I follow internationally acclaimed face painters and I read everything I possibly can about face painting! I want to be the best I can at the job I love and to offer a high level service to my customers.

Through my research I have learnt what (in my opinion) makes a good face painter vs a not so good (cheaper) painter. I have been asked by several people to do a post about what to look for in a face painter so here goes…

The paint - I really don’t like Snazaroo, its ok but it will not give the high colour results of the more expensive high quality paints such as Dfx, Tag, Global etc, if you see face painting that looks faded/watery its Snazaroo, I don’t have any in my kit as I only like vibrant colours!

Sponges - in the interest of hygiene only one sponge should be used per child not one sponge per colour, so you are looking for a face painter with LOTS of sponges!

Clean brushes - brushes should be rinsed after every child and thoroughly cleaned after every job, I spend ages cleaning my kit after each job.

Glitter - Craft glitter should NEVER be used on the body, it is often made of metal whereas cosmetic glitter is made of plastic, I only use high quality cosmetic glitter on my clients.

Examples of their work - I would look out for pictures of their work actually painted on children, children are wriggly and often impatient, if they can paint lovely designs on children as well as themselves then they clearly know what they are doing! I try to post pictures from most of the parties I attend (with permission).

How busy are they - If their social media isn’t very active I would wonder why, there are quieter periods in the year but I would still be practicing new designs/trying to learn new things so I would still be posting pictures on my page.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps someone, feel free to share if its useful!

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