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What I've been up to...(winter edition)

So I haven't posted in a while, and just incase you don't follow me on social media I thought I'd do a post here about what sort of things I've been up to over the last few months!

After a close family bereavement I started back at parties on Halloween, just in time for a fab Halloween wedding at Wivenhoe House Hotel ( a lovely small wedding - they had face painting and balloons

In early November I was invited to paint at my niece's birthday party, very busy and lots of face paints and glitter tattoos!

I was asked to make a cactus theme balloon centrepiece for a 30th birthday celebration - I was so excited to make this, and so happy with how it came out - super cute!!

I was also lucky to be invited to paint at several super fun parties in November, so grateful to be back doing what I love! (one of many unicorns below)

I was a bit worried about making the below Highway Rat themed giant number, having never made it before but I was beyond excited at how it came out!

I also painted at the Manningtree Christmas market - this time based in the Altorian Accountants building on the high street, it was so nice to be in the warm, particularly as that day was really wet, cold and windy!! Many many rainbow reindeer painted that day, including the two little elves below!

Next up was a very exciting balloon make - inspired by Baby Shark/Cocomelon and Peppa!

My last party of 2021 was in Colchester, and was very busy with lots of face painting and glitter tattoos, I make my own glitter tattoo stencils now so it was really nice to be able to offer Christmas themed glitter tattoos!

(how cool are these christmas tops btw?!)

A couple of centrepiece balloons were made just before the Christmas break....

Then of course, every year I make christmas belly buddy balloons (Christmas themed balloons with chocolate coins in the "belly" balloon) this year was as busy as ever with over 50 to make!!

Also as well as balloons and face painting I also make cake toppers! Here are some examples of ones I have made for the awesome Homemade by Hannah ( don't her cakes look amazing!!

Thank you for reading!

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