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My top 5 favourite things that happen at parties!

1. 20,000 Unicorns

At pretty much every party I paint at the MOST popular design, by FAR, is my unicorn design! I honestly believe I could paint it with my eyes closed! I did an event for Ferrari & Maserati a while back and had all the car logos sorted and practiced several times (I know nothing about cars!) but yet again I painted mostly unicorns! It’s a good job I love them!!

2. The Unusual Request

When I first started out I’d dread this one, now so long as there isn’t a queue (special requests take a bit longer) then I love taking special requests! Favourite ones I’ve had include - a Henry Hoover, a John Deere combine harvester and a replica of a favourite teddy! The John Deere tractor I painted was so popular at that particular party I ended up painting four of them!

3. Cake Time!

This one is one you wouldn’t necessarily notice unless you were me, but its something I always find amusing! The cake comes out all lit up and everyone starts singing, usually while I’m mid-paint and it always gives me a mini giggle watching the child in my chair have a little internal struggle where they know they should probably be singing, but also that they really want their face painted and they know they should be trying to sit still! Of course if they obviously really want to sing then I am happy to pause, but sometimes when I’m ‘in the zone’ I don’t notice immediately and it is so cute!

4. Parents being unable to resist!

If there is time once all the kids have been painted then this one nearly ALWAYS happens! They are often initially a bit shy and then before you know it they all join in! I love painting adults so this is one of my favourite things, they are always surprised how quick I am, and they nearly always let me come up with the design, I really enjoy trying to match the design to their outfit where possible!

5. The super chatty child

Often children are initially a bit shy of the strange face painter lady at the party, but often this doesn’t last long, I get children coming back to ask if they can check if their face paint is still there, or to show me their paint again or something else they’ve found! I also get a lot of children coming back again and again for more weird and wonderful designs on any spare bit of face or arm they’ve got left which always makes me laugh! Often there are one or two children at a party who are exceptionally chatty and like to talk to me about their day, what I do and how do I do it, their favourite TV show or to show me a picture they have drawn for their girlfriend/boyfriend which is just sooo cute!

I love having the chance to work with children, they never fail to make you laugh, they are like mini entertainers!

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