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25th Jan - Max & Lana, 26th Jan - Rowan & Nicky

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Two super fun joint birthday parties in one weekend!

Well, what an amazing weekend I had! First up was Max & Lana's joint birthday party in Acton Village Hall in Sudbury on the Saturday, Max was turning four and little Lana will be turning one in a couple of weeks! Max and Lana had my platinum package which meant they had face painting, glitter tattoos AND balloons! It was such a fun party with great music and a bouncy castle and soft play for the guests to play on! As with all my packages the birthday children receive a FREE extra special balloon just for them - as it was a joint party, I made two! Max is a big Avengers fan so he had his very own Iron Man and Lana had a unicorn!

Max hasn't been painted many times as his mum was concerned about hygiene of other face painters she had come across and so she wanted to book Emma's Fanciful Faces as she knew that I am professional and follow all the correct hygiene procedures!

I felt very honoured to have been trusted with painting Max (unfortunately Lana was too little for a face paint - children have to be over three years old to be painted) thank you for booking me for your special day!

On Sunday I was very excited to have been invited to be a part of yet another LittleCity ( birthday party! I always love LittleCity parties, Vicki who runs it is also a mum of two little ones and we actually met each other before we started our businesses so its always great to see her and have a quick catch up!

This time it was a joint party for Nicky and Rowan, I was very excited to try a new design for their free special balloon - I often make ride in unicorns for birthday girls and as this was a party for a boy and a girl I wanted to try a different design for Nicky, so I made my first EVER ride in dragon!! Really pleased with how it came out!

This party was super busy (as ever!) and I must have painted what felt like 20,000 unicorns!! A very brief break when the children had food and then it was the mum's turn to get involved! At most of my parties, if there is time, mums always LOVE to get involved with having a bit of face paint/glitter! And I REALLY REALLY love it when they do, pretty flowery eye designs are my favourite thing (second only to unicorns of course!) so although you might feel a bit shy, please do come and get involved!

I was trying out my new rainbow hat for the parties this weekend - the kids LOVED it! So as I knew I was seeing Vicki from LittleCity on Sunday I text her Saturday night to ask her if she wanted a matching hat - she text back "Err...yes I absolutely want one!!", while we were at the party one of the little girls insisted Vicki have her face painted too so by the end of the party lovely Vicki looked like this....

Completely "Emma's Fanciful Faces -ified", haha!! Thank you so much for having me everyone,

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, I can't promise I will have time to do this every week, but if people enjoy them I will try my best!

Emma x

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